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Dan Patrick: 'Wisconsin May Have Put Entire Big Ten Season in Jeopardy'

Dan Patrick: “My source says ‘The 21-day isolation in the Big Ten was an overreaction to myocarditis, and they did this when there wasn’t any data known.’ My source says ‘I can’t imagine the Wisconsin-Purdue game will be played.’ Now there is a report that debunks the cardiac concerns, and I believe that Wisconsin is saying that with this 21-day window before players can come back from a positive virus test – that testing may not be needed for many. They’re going to try and limit the number of days you have to sit out. If you’re out 21 days, and let’s say you lose 30 players, that’s half your season basically. It’s three games that you’re going to have to sit out, and then your coach is going to have to sit out. Wisconsin may have put the entire Big Ten season in jeopardy.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick discuss the ongoing fallout at the University of Wisconsin this week in regards to their COVID-19 outbreak amongst its football team, which has already gotten this Saturday’s Badgers game versus the Nebraska Cornhuskers cancelled.

The football program, including players and staff, has 16 active cases at the moment, including head coach Paul Chryst, and starting quarterback Graham Mertz.

Check out the full segment above as Dan Patrick details why a conference who is already behind the 8-ball with a Big Ten season that started almost a month after the ACC and SEC, might be steering towards Armageddon if more games are cancelled.

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