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Why Baker Mayfield Instantly Becomes a Better QB Without Odell Beckham Jr.

Chris Broussard: “I definitely think that Odell Beckham Jr. is the best wide receiver on the Browns, I don’t think there’s any question about that – I want to throw that caveat out there. However, I do think Baker Mayfield may be better off without OBJ. Here’s WHY. OBJ is such a strong personality, and such a guy that all the locker room looks up to. All the guys who want to be 'cool', and wanna be part of the ‘in-crowd’ look up to OBJ, including Baker Mayfield. I think that Baker looks for OBJ too much. I think he feels pressure to get him the ball. It’s kind of like a good friend that you want to impress and want to keep happy, so you look for HIM rather than just throwing the ball to the man that is open. There is numbers to back that up. After OBJ was gone, it was just about hitting the open man. He threw five touchdowns, some to a bunch of nondescript receivers that many people have never heard of… His passer rating the last two years with OBJ on the field is 79.6. With OBJ OFF the field it’s 116.6. I’m not saying OBJ isn’t their best receiver, but for the mental and psychological reasons, I think Baker is better off WITHOUT OBJ.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Baker Mayfield will instantly become a quarterback quarterback in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr.’s season-ending torn ACL, as Chris believes Mayfield struggled at times trying to force the ball to OBJ, in an attempt to impress the ‘cool’ wide receiver.

Check out the video above as Broussard details why he thinks we will see Mayfield’s numbers quickly recuperate with Beckham out for the next nine games.

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