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Dave Roberts Details Timeline of Justin Turner Testing Positive for COVID

Dan Patrick: “What did you know going into the game about his status?”

Dave Roberts: “I knew nothing. I knew he was the starting third baseman hitting third for us. Then we were hitting in the bottom of the seventh and our team president, Andrew, came down in the dugout -- something that never happens -- and kind of waived me down in the dugout, and said ‘we gotta get JT out of this game, he tested positive for coronavirus.’ At that point I’m trying to engage Justin and Andrew, but I’ve also got to manage the game. So I get Rios in the game and get Turner out. Honestly, after the game I’m doing press conference, and we’re taking team pictures, and I run out and JT is there, and we’re all caught up in emotion. I will say this. He is a great teammate and he’s done so much for the city and the community. He did not want to make it about himself. Obviously it’s turned to about him, but it’s just a very unfortunate situation. Let’s just hope and pray that nothing happens from this. Understand that people make mistakes, and you regret things that you do. He didn’t want to make it about himself, and let’s just hope and pray that I don’t contract this, and no one else does... This pandemic is real and it’s kind of identified our entire country, and the entire world, but in this moment in time I just hope that it doesn’t take away from the joy of so many Dodger fans who have waited 32 years. Let’s just all kind of hope and pray that nothing else comes of this with Justin coming on the field, and let’s make sure Justin is healthy as well.”

Listen to Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the timeline around the now-notorious Game 6 of the World Series that not only saw the Dodgers win their first World Series in 32 years, but also deal with an unprecedented sequence of events that had news of a positive COVID-19 test from star third baseman Justin Turner suddenly be dropped on the team DURING the game versus the Rays.

Turner was removed in the eighth inning from Tuesday night’s clinching Game 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays when it was revealed that a Monday COVID-19 test that was previously deemed to be inconclusive earlier in the day, officially came back positive while the game was going on.

Once MLB got news of the positive test they notified the Dodgers to remove Turner from the game immediately.

Despite leaving the field of play and exiting the dugout, Turner was later seen on the field celebrating with teammates, and even spotted taking photos with other players without a mask on.

Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal reported that Turner disobeyed isolation orders from Major League Baseball during the team’s on-field celebration after winning the World Series.

Check out the interview above as Roberts addresses Turner's actions, and retells what went on in the Dodgers dugout that memorable night.

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