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Rob Parker: Tony La Russa to White Sox is a Ridiculous 'Good Ole Boy' Hire

Rob Parker: Tony La Russa to White Sox is a Ridiculous 'Good Ole Boy' Hire
Rob Parker: “I was against this hire… I think it was totally ridiculous and living in the past. You’ve got this young and swag-filled team with the White Sox who just made it to the playoffs. They have a bright future and a lot of great young guys there. I see a disconnect here, and an ‘old’ crutch. He had a beautiful career, I just don’t understand the thinking behind this. The trend in baseball is hiring these young guys who are filled with analytics. I’m not saying you can’t work and contribute over 60, but he’s almost EIGHTY years old… You got guys like Marcus Thames, who is the hitting coach for the Yankees, and had done his time and put in the work, looking for his first opportunity as a manager. What about Bo Porter, who is way younger? Tony La Russa already managed there and is the ‘Good Ole Boy’, let’s call it what it is. That’s why he’s getting a job at 76. Can Ron Washington get another opportunity? A 76-year-old getting hired is absolutely ridiculous when there are other people looking for opportunities. This is the ‘Old Boy’ network of hiring people that you feel comfortable with and who you know, instead of giving someone else an opportunity. He’s DONE, he retired. He won’t relate to these guys and this will be a DISASTER. This will be Michael Jordan going to play in Washington. Was Connie Mack not available? Did they reach out to Casey Stengel? Why not go dig them up and get them to Chicago?? La Russa is a fossil!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard get into a heated argument about the Chicago White Sox somewhat surprisingly hiring of 76-year-old MLB Hall of Fame Tony La Russa as their next manager, as Rob says it was a ‘Good Ole Boy’ hire that overshadowed younger candidates of color trying to break through.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why it was a ‘ridiculous’ hire, and why he thinks the White Sox will be a ‘disaster’ under the three-time World Series champion.

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