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Why Cowboys Fans Should Hope Dallas Gets Blown Out By Eagles This Weekend

Colin Cowherd: “The worst thing you can do this weekend is win with a backup quarterback. You want Dallas to go out and get absolutely boat raced and humiliated against a rival. Do you know how angry Jerry was losing to the Washington football team? Just get TOASTED by the Eagles. If you’re a Cowboys fan you want it to be 50-0.That’s when Jerry flies home on his Gulfstream and he’s like ‘I’m firing the coach, I’m trading Amari Cooper, and I’m trading DeMarcus Lawrence.' It’s not to get a quarterback, but it’s to get picks. YOU ARE IN A REBUILD! You’re going to keep Dak and you’re going to keep Zeke, but after that start moving guys. This ONLY happens if Jerry gets humiliated. Jerry is an optimist, and you have to lose so badly that even an optimist realizes this isn’t fixable, and you literally have to get rid of the coach, send Amari Cooper to the Packers, and Demarcus Lawrence to the Seahawks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dallas Cowboys fans should hope their team gets absolutely demolished this weekend against the Eagles, as Colin believes a humiliating blowout is the ONLY way that Jerry Jones is going to realize that it’s time for a massive rebuild and fire sale at the Trade Deadline next week.

Check out the video above as Colin details why it’s time for Jerry to stop trying to be a ‘glass half full’ guy, and acknowledge the fact that this team needs to fire head coach Mike McCarthy, and trade Amari Cooper and Demarcus Lawrence.

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