49ers Reportedly Unlikely to Bring Back Jimmy Garoppolo in 2021

49ers Reportedly Unlikely to Bring Back Jimmy Garoppolo Back in 2021

Jason Smith: “Have we seen the last of Jimmy Garoppolo as 49ers quarterback?”

Jason La Canfora: “Yea, I absolutely think so. I reported on this a couple weeks ago, that talking to the people in that building, and talking to people close to that situation, that nobody was making any assertions about ‘he’s our guy', 'he’s our guy beyond this year', 'we’re building around him', and 'he’s a guy that we’re comfortable paying $26 million a year to moving forward.’ It was not that vibe whatsoever. And there was actually some tension, and some clashing, and some differing on opinions about his previous high ankle sprain, and now he’s got another one on top of that… I think there’s going to be a lot of recalibrations, and a lot of reassessments about where they are as a franchise, about what they need, and about what kind of money that they’re spending now. They have a bunch of guys coming up who they’re going to have to pay. I’ve known Kyle a long time, and know how he thinks. He’s won with Matt Schaub, and he was 7-4 in the AFC East at one point with Brian Hoyer throwing 24 times a game to Josh Gordon. He had the RGIII 2012 season in Washington, and then he’s winning a bunch of games with Kirk Cousins. I just know that they feel like they can go in a bunch of different directions, and maybe be more effective, more robust, and have more of their playbook open to them than they have with Garoppolo.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason La Canfora explain why he doesn’t think Jimmy Garoppolo will be back with the San Francisco 49ers in 2021, as Garoppolo’s current deal will not have any more guaranteed money left over after this season.

Garoppolo could miss the rest of the season with a high ankle sprain, and superstar tight end George Kittle could also miss the rest of the year with a fractured foot, putting the future of the entire roster in limbo during a lost season.

If the team elects to keep Garoppolo, they would take on his $26 million next season. Garoppolo currently ranks 20th in the league in QBR, has thrown just 7 touchdown passes in 6 games, and is third to last in the league in attempted Air Yards per pass, only behind behind Drew Brees, and Kyle Allen.

Check out the segment above as Canfora details to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon why he thinks Garoppolo has played his final down as a 49er.

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