Why Bill Belichick Could Leave the Patriots After this Season

Colin Cowherd: “Bill Belichick is smart. Tom Brady left New England, why would Bill stick around? Belichick has won 43% of his games without Tom Brady. When they win last night they are no longer getting one of the top 3 college quarterbacks. What’s their quarterback solution? Brady left New England, why can’t Bill? They aren’t running this Cam thing back… Look around the league right now. The Jags are going to get the number two pick and a star quarterback. Old guys like Florida. Parcells went there and so did Coughlin. ‘Bill, run the whole show. Here’s Justin Fields.’ It is built for Belichick. The LA Chargers need a new coach. They’ve got a star quarterback and they’re in a crowded sports market. Justin and Belichick would sell tickets for a franchise who can’t sell tickets. I can throw in Houston too, with Deshaun Watson. The guy running them is Belichick’s friend. In Six months Bill is going to wake up and Trevor Lawrence is going to be the Jets quarterback, Tua is the Dolphins quarterback, and Josh Allen is the Bills quarterback. And you’ve got JARRETT STIDHAM. It’s time to go! Belichick has nothing left to prove. If he wants power and a young quarterback Jacksonville is made for him. Belichick has had enough of Boston and Nantucket winters. I think him and his beautiful girlfriend would like to live on the beach. The Chargers are desperate to sell tickets and have the star quarterback. Robert Kraft has a coach in waiting with Josh McDaniels, and the division is about to have Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, and Tua in it. It’s a PERFECT time to bolt. New England’s run is officially over. Bill, go grab some golf clubs and either go to Jacksonville or the Chargers and get your star quarterback. You deserve it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Bill Belichick could leave the New England Patriots after this season, as Colin believes there is nothing left to prove for a bottoming out New England team, and Belichick knows there's no escape at quarterback.

Check out the video above as Colin presents the perfect backdrops for Belichick to resurrect his career in.

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