Clay Travis Says NFL's New Diversity Rules Are 'Not An Intelligent Policy'

Clay Travis: “I don’t think this is a very well thought out, or intelligent policy… If you have a minority coach that is hired away by someone else, then the team with the minority coach who is hired away gets compensatory draft picks. The idea behind it is to encourage teams to develop minority coaching candidates, but couldn’t this work against the idea of hiring away a coach? Because if you’re trying to catch a team why would you hire away their coach when you are then rewarding them with two third-round picks, which is fairly valuable… I understand the NFL’s goal is well-intentioned, but I think it’s also likely to blow up given the circumstances.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NFL’s new diversity rules that will reward teams with two third round draft picks for developing minority candidates that get hired away to other teams, could actually hurt minority candidates more than help, as Clay believes it could sway teams to NOT hire a certain minority candidate because they don’t want to see another other team, potentially an arch rival or tough competitor in their own division or conference, get handed valuable draft picks.

With players the likes of Russell Wilson, Alvin Kamara, Steve Smith, Jason Witten, Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore, and Justin Houston all going in the third round, Clay says it can’t be stressed enough how valuable third round picks could be to turning a franchise around.

Check out the video above as Clay details how ‘broken’ of a policy is it, no matter how constructive the intentions were.

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