Rob Parker Calls For College Football Season to Cancel Its Season Right Now

Rob Parker: College Football Season Needs to Be Cancelled Right Now
Rob Parker: “Why don’t we listen to the Ivy League?? The Ivy League has been getting it right since this whole thing came down. Look at the mess that’s going on in college football. As of today, 11 games this weekend have been postponed or cancelled. You can’t compare it to the Bubble of the NBA, or even Major League Baseball and the NHL, these are COLLEGE KIDS around other college kids and this is why there was a pause by so many people before the season. Where are those parents now who were protesting?? Are they going to get their kids COVID tests?? Why don’t you go protest to keep these kids safe? Can we just admit that college football made a mistake? They couldn’t keep the kids safe, and they can’t keep the coaches safe. Why are we pressing on with this and why can’t we admit it?? Kevin Warren, the Big 10 commissioner was vilified! Kevin Warren was right! The pressure from the coaches, and the greed from the coaches to get money – THIS IS ABOUT MONEY. We need to stop college football RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW. Shut down college basketball too. Why are we doing this?? The country right now is spiking everywhere. IF THERE IS ANYONE WITH ANY DECENCY OUT THERE, IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO HAS COMPASSION, IF THERE IS ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO CARES ABOUT THE KIDS OF THIS COUNTRY, STOP THIS MADNESS NOW! PULL THE PLUG ON COLLEGE FOOTBALL! WE DON’T NEED IT!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the NCAA needs to pull the plug on the college football season right now, as 11 games have already been cancelled this week as positive tests around the country have spiked to record highs for weeks.

Check out audio above as Parker says someone out there in a position of power with any ‘decency’ or ‘compassion’ has to realize that this season should have never been put on in the first place.

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