Colin Cowherd: Russell Wilson is Covering Up a Bad Seahawks Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “This franchise doesn’t do much well outside of Russell Wilson. He’s the life preserver on a failing organization. Now, by Week 9, they’re becoming what I thought they’d become, and it’s why I liked the Rams this weekend. What do they do well outside of Russell Wilson? Could Seattle win a game in this league without Russell Wilson? The league has obviously figured out Pete Carroll’s Cover 3. They gave away the farm to get Jamal Adams, a player I like but he’s a safety. Their last two first round picks – one, Rashard Penny is an absolute bust at running back, and the linebacker from the Big 12 isn’t playing much. If you have a good corner like the Rams, and you can shut down DK Metcalf, what do you rely on? Their running backs are always hurt, the tight ends aren’t dynamic, the offensive line is very mediocre outside of left tackle, they have no pass rush, they don’t have a lockdown corner, they’ve got a couple great defensive players, but there is 11 guys on the field. Seattle is ‘good’, but they’re not special… Seattle is 1-3 against winning teams because 'winning teams' do multiple things well. I don’t think Seattle wins a game in this league without Russell Wilson. If you have a good corner and you can take DK Metcalf out, Russ is COOKED.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson’s historically elite quarterback talents are covering up a bad Seattle Seahawks franchise that has slowly lost momentum every single season since their Super Bowl victory in February of 2014.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Seattle could even a game without Wilson playing quarterback, and why he dropped the 6-3 Seahawks off his rankings of the top 10 NFL teams.

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