Kyrie Irving Reportedly Does Not Want James Harden Traded to Brooklyn Nets

Chris Broussard: “I was just talking to an executive an hour ago, and what they’re saying is that the word around the league – now I haven’t heard this from Kyrie or anybody close to him – but people around the league are saying that Durant wants Harden and Kyrie does NOT.”

Listen to Chris Broussard explain to Colin Cowherd why he’s hearing rumblings around the league that Kyrie Irving would not be supportive to the Nets making a trade with the Houston Rockets to send James Harden to Brooklyn, as Chris says those particular trade rumors are Kevin Durant-driven, and not backed by Kyrie.

Former Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni is now an assistant coach with the Nets, and Harden and Durant were former teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2009-2012.

This echoes the same sentiments that NBA insider Ric Bucher made when he joined 'The Odd Couple' with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker on Monday night. Bucher said Irving would ‘not be on board’ with such a trade, and said Irving wants to be ‘The Guy’, and not simply a second or even third option.

Ric Bucher: "I’ve heard that Kyrie is not that wild about it. Harden might wanna go there, and KD might want him to go there, but I have yet to hear that Kyrie is on board with those guys coming together. Let’s face it, one of the things that Kyrie has wanted to do is be recognized as a leader, and as a primary guy. Just based on individual abilities and resumes to this point, Kyrie would now be fighting James Harden.”

Check out the segment with Broussard above, and the interview with Bucher below.

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