Why Drew Brees' Injury is a Blessing in Disguise For the Saints

Chris Broussard: Drew Brees Injury is a Blessing in Disguise For Saints
Chris Broussard: “There is an element of ‘Blessing in Disguise' here. You hate to say that when an injury occurs, but we’re assuming that Brees is going to be back in let’s say five weeks. This is why I say that: 1. We’ve looked at him the last few years, and at about the 12th game he tends to go downhill. He seems to lose his arm strength after about 12 games. It’s not that strong to begin with anymore, but it seems to get even weaker later in the season. Now with this injury, come playoff time he should be right in that wheelhouse where his arm is still what it is right now, which is strong enough to lead them to victory. 2. You get to see what Jameis Winston is made of, and whether he’s your quarterback of the future. We know Bruce Arians and Tampa liked to throw it all over the yard, so did that contribute a lot to Jameis’ interceptions? He’s obviously got some decision-making issues, but they get to see if this is a guy they can count on going forward. As long as Brees gets back later in the season and they can win a few of these games, and just stay in the playoff hunt, then I think this could be a blessing disguise.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he believes Drew Brees’ rib injury could be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for the New Orleans Saints, as Chris thinks you not only get to see if Jameis Winston could be your quarterback of the future, but you’re also saving Brees’ arm for the playoffs, and avoiding the scenario of him getting a ‘dead arm’ late in the year like he has gotten during the second half the past few seasons when he play has greatly waned down the stretch.

Check out the audio above as Chris thinks these two outcomes could be a major positive for the Saints if Brees is able to return for the postseason.

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