Colin Cowherd: Nets Should Get Rid of Kyrie Irving, Trade For James Harden

Colin Cowherd: “Leadership starts with honesty and doing uncomfortable things… Kevin Durant can clean this up very quickly, and this is a moment for Kevin Durant to be a leader. Kevin Durant goes to the owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash and says ‘GET ME HARDEN, TRADE EVERYTHING ELSE.’ You don’t need Jarrett Allen, you don’t need bigs in this league. Kyrie, KD, and Harden, let’s be honest, that doesn’t even sound like it works. That’s just going to be too many guys with the ball. Kevin Durant and James Harden can get you to the NBA Championship with a bunch of ‘B’ players. Harden and Durant love to play, they play hard, they’re into basketball… Harden’s ball-centric style can be difficult, but he’s got lots of playoff wins in his career, and Kevin Durant is remarkable, although his injuries concern me a little. We know LeBron James has gone to front offices and said ‘GET ME THAT GUY’ and ‘GET RID OF THOSE GUYS.’ THAT is leadership. You may not like that leadership but that is what CEOs do in America. Kevin Durant, this is your moment. You can be a nice guy and well-liked, but James Harden and Kevin Durant feels like a Finals to me. MAKE IT HAPPEN, LeBron would. Houston wouldn’t be in a tough spot if Durant just said ‘let’s get Harden, give them whatever they want, give them Kyrie, give them first round picks, give them Jarrett Allen, give them a guy off the bench.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Kevin Durant should pressure Brooklyn Nets ownership to not only push for a James Harden trade, but also give up Kyrie Irving in the process, as Colin believes a Durant and Harden combination would be a Finals team, over what could be a mess with a threesome of Kyrie/Durant/Harden.

Check out the video above as Colin details why this is Durant’s chance to step up as a leader, and make a move that Colin thinks LeBron James would do as well.

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