James Harden is Reportedly 'Actively Trying' to Leave Rockets and Join Nets

Adrian Wojnarowski: “Harden is actively trying to get out of Houston to go to Brooklyn. His focus right now is on one team, and that’s the Nets. I don’t have information that Kyrie is not onboard with this. I certainly know that Kevin Durant is very enthusiastic about it. The two teams have been in contact – Brooklyn and Houston, but I’m told there hasn’t been real substantive talk about a trade. Because Harden has two years left on his deal they have some time on their side and don’t have to rush into anything… Brooklyn doesn’t have to have James Harden, and when I look at Sean Marks' track record as an executive, I think he’s shown great restraint in doing deals. The kind of deal the previous regime did with the Celtics with multiple picks, and multiple pick swaps going out into infiniti almost, that’s not his style. There is the potential of a strained offer for Harden, but I don’t imagine that the Nets are going to go at it with desperation. They don’t have to have him, but having the three of them [Harden, Kyrie, Durant] is something you gotta look at, and I do think they’re going to look at it, and ARE looking at it. But there’s a big difference between that, and getting to a place where you have a deal.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the possibility of a James Harden trade with the Brooklyn Nets, as Wojnarowski is confirming that Harden is ‘actively trying’ to be shipped to Brooklyn, and that the Rockets and Nets have had talks this week.

On Tuesday, both Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher reported that Kevin Durant was pushing hard for the Nets to acquire his former OKC teammate Harden, but that Kyrie Irving wasn’t ‘on board’ with the Nets adding a third volume player.

Check out the segment above as Woj breaks down the possibilities of a potential trade, and also predicts what happens to Russell Westbrook, as his name has been tossed around in trade rumors all week.

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