Colin Cowherd Predicts the NBA Career of LaMelo Ball

Colin Cowherd: “LaMelo is going to be wildly entertaining. Lonzo hasn’t become what we thought; LaMelo is a little bit better shooter, but not a ‘very good’ shooter. I was shocked last night going on Twitter and seeing how many people were like ‘HE’S GOING TO BE A STAR!’ Well, no, he has NO chance to be a fundamental game-changer in the NBA, and it’s nothing against the Ball family… Go look at the most important winningest players in the NBA the last 30 years – Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, Steph, and Duncan – ALL of them are either great scorers, or have a physical presence. Then go after the next eight that maybe don’t have the titles, but are winning players that couldn’t fundamentally change the league but are great players – D-Wade, Kevin Garnett, KD, Kawhi, Dirk, Hakeem, Karl Malone, Barkley. All are great scorers or have a physical presence. LaMelo can’t shoot and will never be a great scorer in this league. He doesn't like contact, and plays defense like kids in the ‘burbs play defense. He doesn’t like contact, he doesn’t like attacking the rim, he doesn’t like getting hit, and he doesn’t want to hit the deck… The great fundamental game changers in this league are one of two things or both – they are either elite scorers that you can’t stop, or they’ve got this physical component. Those are two things LaMelo will NEVER have.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think LaMelo Ball will ever become a star player in the NBA, as Colin details the unique requirements it takes to be a special player in this league, and why he doesn’t think LaMelo possesses any of those characteristics.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks LaMelo will be ‘fun’ and ‘wildly entertaining’, but also why people need to stop saying he’s going to be a ‘star.’

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