Why the Jamal Adams Trade Has Been a Disaster For the Seahawks

Colin Cowherd: “Jamal Adams can be a force defensively. You move him up to the line of scrimmage and he sometimes takes some snaps at linebacker. Carlos Dunlap still has something, he’s long and athletic. We assumed that they’d join Seattle’s defense and suddenly Seattle’s defense is at least stomachable. It’s NOT and they haven’t done anything. Is it a scheme thing? What’s going on?”

Greg Cosell: “It’s funny about Jamal Adams, and I’m just responding to the film. I think Jamal Adams is a linebacker. Maybe Seattle would tell me I’m crazy, but in some ways it limits some of the things you can do with him because he is really a linebacker, not a safety. He would almost fit perfectly in Bill Belichick’s defense with the way they use no. 21 Adrian Phillips, who’s really a linebacker. To me, that’s what Jamal Adams is, but when you use him as a safety, I think it presents some limitations in coverage… He’s a glorified linebacker.”

Listen to NFL analyst Greg Cosell explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks Jamal Adams has so terribly worked out in Seattle, as the former All-Pro safety has been limited to playing in just 5 of a possible 9 games for a Seahawks secondary that has allowed by far the most passing yards in the NFL.

The Seahawks sent the Jets a first and third round pick in 2021, and a first round pick in 2022 in exchange for Adams.

Check out the video above as Cosell details why Adams might not even be playing the right position.

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