Colin Cowherd: Eagles Franchise Was Never Meant to Be a Super Bowl Champion

Colin Cowherd: “There's an old saying of ‘Act Like You’ve Been There Before.’ The Philadelphia Eagles are imploding, and yesterday Carson Wentz had to answer questions because reportedly the practices are lousy, people are screwing off, and it manifests itself on bad Sunday games. Wentz had to address stories that the Eagles’ practices are a clown show. Do quarterbacks’ run practices?? The coaches do. Who hired them? It wasn’t Carson Wentz. This is a coach issue… Philadelphia won a Super Bowl and they partied for a year. Doug Pederson got a book deal, Nick Foles got a statue, everyone got a local car endorsement deal… Even the ‘Philly Special’ was overrated. This franchise since the Super Bowl is a .500 franchise, 21-19-1. They are not buttoned up. This is why 50% of lottery winners go broke. They don’t know how to act and buy nine jet skis, six cars, and three homes… New England has been to nine Super Bowls and have won six. Find me the statues outside their stadium. Philadelphia wins ONE and they build statues for a backup quarterback. This franchise needs to get its act together. This has been a two and a half year story. In-fighting, coaching, practice is bad, players ripping other players… BUTTON IT UP. Let’s get over the Super Bowl, you’re a .500 team since in a bad division.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles franchise has imploded since their Super Bowl victory nearly three years ago, and why he thinks that maybe the Eagles just weren’t mean to win a Super Bowl, as everything since then has been a clown show it seems.

Check out the video above as Colin details how it’s been such a disaster since February of 2018.

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