Jason Whitlock: NFL's New Diversity Rules Actually Hurt Minority Coaches

Jason Whitlock: NFL's New Diversity Rules Actually Hurt Minority Coaches
Jason Whitlock: “Black assistant coaches are reaching out to Adam Schefter and saying this rule the NFL just passed is stupid, harmful to us, and we played no part in developing this rule… Black assistant coaches don’t feel like this rule is benefiting them. This is Troy Vincent trying to go down in history trying to take credit for something he’s having nothing to do with. The best coaches in 2020 have been Mike Tomlin with the Steelers and Brian Flores of the Dolphins. It’s a copycat league. Just how Sean McVay’s success with the Rams led a bunch of NFL teams to try and go find a ‘Sean McVay’, ‘Oh, this guy kind of looks like Sean McVay, he fits the profile!’ The same thing is going to happen this offseason because of Mike Tomlin and Brian Flores. Eric Bieniemy is a great candidate, and Byron Leftwich in Tampa is a great candidate. They’re going to get head coaching jobs, and Troy Vincent will try and do a ‘hey, look at me, it’s my rule and that’s why it happened!’ rather than it being Tomlin and Flores creating these opportunities. Things were fine, it was just a down year for the Black head coaches hiring cycle last year. It’s going to be a great year this offseason and it will have nothing to do with this stupid, racist rule… This is going to blow up in the league’s face. This rule makes NFL owners look racist. What are you paying Troy Vincent for? To make up rules that make you look bad? It’s a bad rule, Black head coaches aren’t on board with it, and they complained to Adam Schefter about the rule.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to explain why he thinks the NFL’s new diversity rules that were meant to incentivize the hiring of minority head coach and GM candidates, will actually hurt minority coaches, as Whitlock says that Black assistant coaches have already been vocal in their distaste with the rule.

The rule will reward teams with 3rd round supplementary Draft picks who employed a minority coach or executive who later becomes the head coach or GM of another team. I.e., if Chiefs assistant Eric Bieniemy gets hired as a head coach this offseason, the Chiefs would receive a third round supplementary pick in consecutive years.

Whitlock and Clay wonder if a team like the Broncos were looking for a new head coach this offseason, would they would at all be hesitant to hire Bieniemy if they knew they would be awarding their division rival, Kansas City, two valuable Draft picks?

Check out the audio above as Whitlock details why he thinks the rule just makes the NFL look like they’re self-reporting themselves as racist to begin with, and why he thinks Black assistant coaches didn’t need a racist rule to help them get hired in the first place.

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