Colin Cowherd Describes Every Week 11 NFL Game in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 11 Game in Just Three Little Words (November 23rd)


Eagles at Browns: 'WHERE'S THE SUN??'

"Three straight games at Firstenergy Stadium with weather issues, but the Browns are 7-3 through 10 games -- their best in 26 years. Nick Chubb has missed several games but this is his fourth game with 100+ yards rushing, and when he runs well -- and he did -- they WIN."

Lions at Panthers: ‘DETROIT MOCK CITY'

“This was the first shutout in the Matthew Stafford era. He was sacked five times against a rebuilding franchise where most of their talent is on the offensive side."

Bengals at Washington: ‘BURROW DESERVES BETTER’

“Most completions and pass attempts in the NFL, not just as a rookie but as a quarterback. He had 13 TDs, 5 picks, with a bottom five offensive line. Adam Schefter tweeted that Burrow tore his MCL and ACL, worse than expected."

Titans at Ravens: ‘HAIL THE KING’

“133 rushing yards for Derrick Henry. He not only leads the NFL in rushing yards, but he also leads in yards per attempt. There is no reason to hold off on him. He's the KING of the NFL."

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