Colin Right/Colin Wrong: Colin Cowherd Details His NFL Week 11 Revelations

Listen to Colin Cowherd give his weekly ‘Colin Right, Colin Wrong’ segment, as Colin adjusts his NFL season evaluations after Week 11.

Colin discusses a week in the NFL where the Seahawks got revenge on the Cardinals to take the lead in the NFC West, Taysom Hill got his first victory in the NFL as a starting quarterback, Joe Burrow was lost for the year with a torn ACL and MCL, the Steelers remained undefeated after nuking Jacksonville, the Titans won a critical defacto Wild card playoff game vs. the Ravens, the Broncos defense finally knocked around Tua Tagovailoa, almost giving rise to another ‘Fitz-Magic’ moment, the Jets stayed winless at 0-10, the Colts won a thriller over the Packers in a rare Aaron Rodgers vs. Philip Rivers matchup, the Cowboys saved their season vs. Minnesota, killing off the Vikings playoff hopes in the process, and the Chiefs won a last second thriller over the Raiders in one of the most exciting games of the season.

Check out the FULL segment above as details the biggest storylines from Week 11, and looks ahead to Week 12.

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