Doug Pederson Not Benching Carson Wentz is 'Football Malpractice'

Ben Maller: “Carson Wentz has played his way into a benching. He has EARNED a benching, and he is not getting a benching. What does he have to do to lose his starting job?? This guy has been overwhelmed for the majority of the season, and the proof is in the numbers. It’s not just the stat sheet, it’s the eyeball test too. Carson Wentz has the TRIFECTA OF DOOM working against him in Philadelphia. He holds the ball too long, he’s got a bad internal clock, he has ‘pocket panic’, and doesn’t feel pressure the way the top notch quarterbacks do. He turns the ball over way too often and leads the league in turnovers with 18, and sacks. In terms of negative plays, Carson Wentz is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a supernova of negative plays by a quarterback. When you play like THIS, you make a change. Doug Pederson will not even consider the thought of benching his quarterback. It’s football malpractice by Doug Pederson. What am I missing here?? Does Carson Wentz have some sort of photographic incriminating evidence and that’s why he has to continue on?? The idea of who Carson Wentz was SUPPOSED to be – and might have been for one season, and the REALITY of Wentz is two starkly different things, and the complete opposite. When were the senate hearings when Carson Wentz was sworn in for lifetime employment?? Carson Wentz is living off the fact that he was drafted very high, and then the fact that he played very well in 2017. That’s a LONG TIME AGO. Since 2017, in games started by Carson Wentz the Eagles are two games under .500. Philadelphia is a white hot tire fire and a GARBAGE team.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks it’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to bench Carson Wentz immediately, as Maller says the NFL’s turnover leader has arguably the worst contract in the NFL.

Check out the video above as Maller details why it’s almost become comical now with how much loyalty Philly head coach Doug Pederson has with Wentz, despite his rampant mediocrity since their Super Bowl season of 2017.

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