Kyler Murray is More Cheap Gimmick than MVP Candidate

Ben Maller: “If you’re looking for that ‘rah-rah’ battle cry of Kyler Murray being the MVP this is NOT your safe space at all… All those fanboys of Kyler will go back behind the refrigerator like the COCKROACHES that are they… In fishing terms, it’s time to reel it back now. Reel back that ‘Kyler Murray for MVP’ chatter. Until proven otherwise, let’s call it like it is here, Kyler Murray is a GIMMICK. He’s a smoke and mirrors guy. He’s a scatback that plays quarterback. We believe in truth in broadcasting and there is no need to mince words here. Kyler Murray has to become a much better passer to be taken seriously for any of these awards. Lamar Jackson, when he won the MVP was good at throwing the ball. Kyler Murray? SPOILER ALERT: he’s not particularly great at throwing the ball… It was like a urinating match with everyone trying to compliment Kyler Murray more in the NFL media establishment. They had canonized and rhapsodized Kyler Murray. Coming into Thursday night he had the same number of completions as Daniel Jones! Murray was not in the top 10 in completions, quarterback rating, yards per attempt, or passing yards heading into Thursday, and he laid an egg on Thursday Night Football. He only averaged 6.4 yards per pass against a historically terrible Seattle Seahawks defense. How does one sugarcoat that?? Seattle’s defense had been giving up an average of 448 yards per game… The NFL media hype train went off the tracks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks ‘scatback’ Kyler Murray is more of a silly ‘gimmick’ than an NFL MVP candidate, as Maller says he’s never been on the Murray bandwagon.

Check out the video above as Maller details why he thinks Kyler is a ‘smoke and mirrors’ guy, and a player who is simply living off the immaculate hype that the hyperbolic media is boosting him up with at the moment.

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