Why This Year Will Be Steph Curry's Final Season With the Warriors

Why This Will Be Steph Curry's Final Season With the Warriors

Jason Smith: “The question is no longer ‘who is going to come play in Golden State?’, the biggest question is at what point does Steph Curry think he might have to go somewhere else if he wants to win another championship? You think he’s the ‘Forever Warrior’ and he’s going to stay with his team until the end, but in the NBA EVERYBODY leaves at some point. At some point, and it might be after this season, he’s gotta go ‘maybe I need to go somewhere else.’ Nobody else is coming there because he’s over 30, and now he’s gotta be the guy who goes to team up somewhere. Maybe Steph Curry goes to form another Super Team somewhere else. I would put my money more on him leaving than them getting another star. Is he just going to sit there and put up empty stats for 5, 6, 7 years? He’s not that kind of guy, he wants to win. He wants to be a Finals MVP at some point, and say that he doesn’t need Kevin Durant. Suddenly now his championships are at 5 and 6. I wonder the chances of that happening, and I say they’re PRETTY GOOD. I would say ‘70%’ that at some point Steph would leave and go play somewhere else to play out the end of his prime like LeBron did with the Lakers… You think it’s not going to happen, but it WILL happen.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Klay Thompson’s torn Achilles not only officially ended the Golden State Warriors dynasty, but potentially triggered the beginning of Steph Curry’s exit plan from Golden State.

Jason says the 32-year-old will want the opportunity to snag a couple more championships, and possibly his first ever Finals MVP, while still in his prime on a Superteam elsewhere.

Check out the audio above as Jason details why he's confident that the 6-time All-Star, and 3-time NBA Champion will leave Golden State as soon as possible, saying he can’t picture Curry hanging around and putting up empty stats the next five years for a Warriors franchise who will no longer be a touted destination for free agents.

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