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Tom Brady Has Become the NFL's Biggest Sore Loser

Jason Smith: “Tonight was another example of Brady after a game in which he lost, where he decided ‘ya know what, I’m NOT going to go over and shake anyone’s hand!’ We saw it earlier in the Super Bowl with Nick Foles, and we saw it this season with Nick Foles where Brady is not going to shake his hand when he loses a game. This is what you do in the NFL after games, you shake hands with the other team because that’s the way it’s done. This is what all the players do, it’s what the quarterbacks do, it’s what the head coaches do, and Brady once again decides that he lost, so he’s going to storm off the field and not shake Goff’s hand. I don’t know if he thinks this is going to make him look like ‘hey, everybody can see how much I care, and how pissed off I am when I lose…’ but it really just makes him look like a baby. ‘I’M MAD BECAUSE I LOST, I DIDN’T PLAY WELL, AND I THREW A PICK, SO I’M GOING TO GO STORM OFF THE FIELD AND LOCK THE DOOR TO MY ROOM’ and his mom is going to say ‘c’mon have some soup, I made some brownies for you!’ with Brady going ‘I’M NOT COMING OUT! I LOST IN VIDEO GAMES TO JIMMY AND HE WAS REALLY MEAN TO ME!' That’s what Tom Brady looks like, and he comes across looking like a baby. EVERYBODY else goes to shake hands, it’s a tradition for ALL the players to go do. This is Brady taking the ball and he’s going home. He's shutting off the video games because Billy is cheating him. When you’re an athlete and you are someone who is as big of an icon as Tom Brady, I don’t get why you be would okay with putting out there that people think you’re a sore loser.” (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Jason Smith discuss Tom Brady victimizing another opposing quarterback with a postgame handshake snub, as Brady jogged off the field without shaking Jared Goff’s hand at midfield, echoing his usual postgame pettiness with Nick Foles as well.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why it’s a bad image for Brady to always be seen shaking hands when he wins, but never when he loses nationally televised games.

Check out some of the most notable tweets at the bottom of the page ripping Brady apart for the sportsmanship snub.

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Tom Brady Has Become the NFL's Biggest Sore Loser