Why You Shouldn't Be Impressed With the Lakers' 'Overrated' Offseason Moves

Ben Maller: “The establishment basketball media are so smitten with the Lakers that many of these people have their pants around their ankles they’re so excited about the Lakers’ moves. You idiots in the basketball media gave the Clippers the championship last year in the offseason, how did that work out for you?? DUMMIES! You idiots keep sending me stories about the Lakers signing Montrezl Harrell, who the Clippers didn’t want anymore. Who had a better free agency period, the Lakers or the Clippers? The answer is going to surprise you, it’s the CLIPPERS … I’m going to debunk this bullcrap that this offseason was such an amazing accomplishment for the Lakers!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the hoopla around the impressive Los Angeles Lakers offseason is actually a total sham, as Maller believes the Lakers didn’t acquire anyone remotely of high regard.

Check out the full video above as Maller picks apart their most 'overrated' moves.

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