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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 12 (Nov. 29)

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 12 (Nov. 29)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 12 (November 29th)


Last Week's Blazin' 5 record: 1-4

2020 Blazin' 5 record: 25-29-1

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Chargers at Bills (SPREAD: BUF -6)

“This game I would usually take the Chargers +6 because they play close games, but I’m going to go Buffalo -6 for this reason: What are the Chargers playing for?? Buffalo is playing for a home game, and a division title against improved Miami. I get the Bills off a bye, who have won 3 of 4 with more to play for, and at home. And by the way, they’ve lost 3 games – Titans, Chiefs, and Cardinals. The Bills defense IS the issue, but they have 9 takeaways in the fourth quarter this year, the most in the NFL. And they’re getting better, by the way, 10 takeaways in the last 5 games, only the Steelers have more. I’m going to take the Bills by 7 or 8. Generally I would take the Chargers here because they play close games, but Buffalo will win 31-23.”

Colin's pick: Buffalo -6

Giants at Bengals (SPREAD: NYG -5.5)

“Like the Giants? I LOVE THE GIANTS. Coming off a bye, I don’t think the market has caught up to the Giants yet, I think they’re a pretty good football team. They’re 4-0 against the spread since Week 7. By the way, they’ve scored 20+ points in 6 straight games. Their quarterback Daniel Jones has back-to-back games without a turnover, and back-to-back road games with a 90+ passer rating. Yes, they miss Saquon Barkley, yes, they need a high-end receiver, but the market hasn’t caught up to them. This is a really good football team, and they’re going to win this division. They’ll face Ryan Finley, who has three career starts, and his passer rating is 62.1. Giants DOMINATE 28-9.”

Colin's pick: New York -5.5

Titans at Colts (SPREAD: IND -4)

“I love Tennessee +4 and here’s why: the Colts are a ‘good’ team, and they just beat a very ‘popular’ team in Green Bay. So now their line is overvalued. Tennessee getting +4 at Indy is the play here. First of all, the Titans are a good road team – they’ve won 6 out of their last 7 road games in the regular season. They’re also a really smartly coached team. The Titans have 5 giveaways this season, it’s the fewest in the NFL. It’s very ‘New England’ with Vrabel, they don’t give you the ball. Here are two things that always travel well: good coaching and running games. Derrick Henry has 7 straight road games with 100+ yards rushing. So I get a great road team, I get a great running team, I get a well-coached team, and I think the Colts are a little overvalued because they beat a wildly popular Green Bay team last week. I think Tennessee wins straight up, 27-23.”

Colin's pick: Tennessee +4

Bears at Packers (SPREAD: GB -9.5)

“I’m going to take the Bears +9.5. Listen, their offense is pathetic so it’s not my favorite pick of the week, but here’s the thing I know about the Bears: they’ve only allowed 12 passing touchdowns all year, and only the Rams have allowed fewer. Chicago's defense is the best in the league on third down, and their defense has not allowed a single quarterback to throw for over 300 yards this year. But here’s what worries me about Green Bay, and I do think they’ll win this game… They have the worst red zone defense in the league, and do you know that Aaron Jones has rushed for just 50 yards a game since Week 3? I don’t like what I see out of the Packers’ lines right now; offensively or defensively. I think they’re very Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams dependent. This number for a division rivalry game is HUGE. Nine and a half?? I think the Packers probably win by a touchdown, but I’m going to take the Bears +9.5.”
Colin's pick: Chicago +9.5

Seahawks at Eagles (SPREAD: SEA -6)

“Seattle -6 is the play here. First of all, Seattle has extra prep time playing on a Thursday, and now they don’t have to play until a Monday. Here is the story of the game though. We all lament Seattle’s pass rush – you, me, Joy, and the world, but since Carlos Dunlap joined the team from the Bengals, and Jamal Adams returned from injury since Week 9, the Seahawks defense is tied for the NFL lead in sacks. Uh, oh, they solved their dilemma. Keep an eye out on LJ Collier. He was a first round pick from two years ago. He played his best game of the year against Arizona. Seattle may have solved their big hole – pass rush. What will that also do? Solve their second biggest issue, which is their secondary. I think Seattle is the team with the most to grow at this point in the season. By the way, Carson Wentz is 0-4 against Seattle, he’s playing like crap, and I think they’ll feel a lot of pressure at home in the Monday Night game to play well. Seattle under Pete Carroll has been a great East Coast road team – take out the Buffalo loss, and they’ve won 10 straight. Seahawks win 32-22.”
Colin's pick: Seattle -6

***All point spreads are provided by Fox Bet, and Colin locks in his bets with the current spread at that very time on Friday at 12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT