Colin Cowherd Describes Every Week 12 NFL Game in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 12 Game in Just Three Little Words (November 30th)


Raiders at Falcons: 'WHAT WAS THAT??'

“This was the biggest blowout loss since Jon Gruden returned two years ago. They had 5 turnovers, 11 penalties, were 3 for 12 on third down, and it was the Raiders’ first game without a touchdown this year. They fell behind, had a lot of 3rd and 8’s, and just didn’t look prepared. Atlanta remains my Bermuda Triangle team – I bet them and they LOSE, and I stay away and they WIN. Raiders, meet Atlanta.”

Dolphins at Jets: ‘REFUEL THIS JET'

“Just fire everybody and trade Sam Darnold. What a mess. It was actually the first game this season that Sam Darnold had all of his receivers. They scored a field goal on their opening drive, and didn’t score for the rest of the game. They had three points against the Dolphins in two games.”

Cardinals at Patriots: ‘YOUTH VS. WISDOM’

“Six penalties for the Cardinals, and now they lead the NFL in total penalties. They are talented by young and mistake-prone. Kyler Murray had a 67 passer rating. The Patriots offense won despite a season-low in yards, 180, and passing yards, 69.”

Panthers at Vikings: ‘BUY PANTHERS STOCK’

“I really like this team. I know they lost, but they have 6 losses by one possession under Matt Rhule. They are rebuilding the defense, and this kid Jeremy Chinn, rookie safety, had two fumble recoveries for touchdowns on consecutive plays. They drafted well. You don’t have to win games to impress me, I love what I see with Carolina, and I’m not surprised. That’s why Teddy Bridgewater would work – moves the chains, coachable, and doesn’t make big mistakes. They really should have won that game yesterday; they missed a 54-yarder to win it.”

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