Colin Cowherd Defends Carson Wentz: "Go Ahead and Bail on Him, I'm Not"

Colin Cowherd: “I’m going to do the virtually impossible which is to defend Carson Wentz… It’s very easy this morning to wake up throwing pots and pans… He’s missing his top two offensive linemen – a Pro Bowl tackle and a Pro Bowl guard. Andre Dillard, Washington State left tackle drafted last year is hurt and not playing. Zach Ertz, tight end, hurt and OUT. Alshon Jeffery is shot, and Jalen Reagor can’t separate. Other than that it’s just rainbows and birds chirping! I don’t know what’s wrong, does he have a ‘backup quarterback complex’? There is a statue of Nick Foles outside the stadium and they drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round. He’s the only starting quarterback in the league who is asked about his backup every single week… Eli Manning in year 4 led the league in picks with a 57% completion percentage, and they were talking in New York about getting rid of him. They didn’t and he won the Super Bowl that year. Peyton Manning, the superior brother, in year 4 went 6-10 with 26 TDs and 23 picks. Great actors have bad movies, and great bands have bad albums… He had a big arm, excellent size, his trajectory was excellent, and then they signed him last year and the team physically fell apart. Go ahead and bail, trade him away, fine. I’m not. I’ve been watching this game long enough. They wanted to trade Eli, Peyton was awful year 4, and Brett Favre threw 20 picks a bunch of times. I don’t know what the problem is but I think he’ll get it right.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd defend Carson Wentz, and explain why he’s not giving up on the former MVP candidate a few years ago who has suddenly regressed into one of the league’s worst players in 2020.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s staying loyal to Wentz, and why he’s trusting Wentz’s previously tremendous trajectory that Colin says has been unhinged by an Eagles roster that has rapidly deteriorated around him.

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