Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 12

Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 12 – December 1st


10. Cleveland Browns (8-3) (unranked)

“I’m going to put Cleveland in there. They’ve had the third easiest strength of schedule, but Baker Mayfield has gone four straight games without a pick. They throw the ball very few times and it run it more than anybody in the league percentage wise. They’re 5-0 in one possession games, they’re the number one rushing offense, and I’m putting them here because Kevin Stefanski. He has figured out that Baker Mayfield is at best a ‘complementary’ piece. Run the football, don’t make mistakes, you have an easy schedule, and you’ll get into the playoffs. They’re not a Super Bowl team, and I’m not sure they’re a ‘win a playoff game’ team, but I think they have figured out what they are, and what they’re NOT, and for that with their record – they’re 5-0 in one possession games, I have them at number 10.”

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) (unranked)

“I think the Browns would lose to Tampa Bay who I put at number nine. They’ve had back-to-back losses so how could you do this Colin?? Folks, they lost close to Kansas City. It’s a very good football team. Their defense is number one against the rush in the NFL, they’re number two in takeaways, and they humiliated Aaron Rodgers. It’s a good football team. Tom Brady has 28 touchdowns and 11 picks, that’s already better than last year, they’re fine. Brady has the worst deep ball passer rating, and I think they have forced the ball down the field too much, and I don’t think that plays into Tom Brady’s strengths. But they’ve had a tough schedule – they’ve played the Saints twice, they’ve played the Packers, they’ve played Kansas City, the Rams… This is a good football team and I would take them over Cleveland.”

8. Los Angeles Rams (7-4) (4)

“The Rams beat Tampa so I put them at number eight. They’re a good football team. Kyle Shanahan has got Sean McVay’s number. Nobody else does, but Kyle Shanahan does – he’s beaten them in four straight games. That was their first loss at SoFi Stadium, but again, it’s a good football team. Number two in total defense, number two in pass defense, and I think they have the best secondary in the league. I would be concerned with Jared Goff. In the last month he’s got a lot of picks, and a lot of fumbles, and Sean McVay rightfully called him out for that. But this is an excellent team, and if Goff is your weakness, then you have a chance to get to a Super Bowl eventually.”

7. Buffalo Bills (8-3) (5)

“I put the Bills at 7 because they beat the Rams, even though it was a bad call at the end of the game. Josh Allen can drive me nuts, and he makes some DUMB plays, but he’s the only quarterback in the league with 20+ touchdown passes, and 5+ rushing touchdowns. He’s a horse, he’s Big Ben, and he’s a handful. He drives me nuts, and he makes mistakes, he did in college, and I just think it’s part of his DNA. He’s going to drive me nuts his entire life, but I think this coaching is outstanding. Sean McDermott is now 4-0 off a bye – That’s Andy Reid, that's Bill Belichick, and that’s what the good coaches do. Their defense isn’t great, but it’s great ‘situationally’, and it’s great in the fourth quarter. They’ve got 10 takeaways in the last 5 games , tied for the NFL lead, and 10 takeaways in the fourth quarter for the season, tied for the NFL lead. You don’t have to be great defensively, but you have to be great AT TIMES, and they are.”

6. Green Bay Packers (8-3) (7)

“I think the Bills would probably lose to Green Bay in a shootout. Here’s my problem with the Packers. They’re 0-2 versus teams with a winning record – the Bucs, and the Colts – and they’re 8-1 against everybody else. But it’s fun to watch, I’d vote Aaron the MVP this morning. He’s lighting it up, they have a star back, a star receiver, a star quarterback, and I don’t think their offensive line is great, but it’s usually top third in the league. They face one team remaining with a winning record, Tennessee. People think I have them too low. I have them at 6 because I think they would beat the Bills.”

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