'Gadget Guy' Taysom Hill Doesn't Have Any Future at Quarterback

Taysom Hill Doesn't Know How to Play Quarterback
Ben Maller: “The Saints have played two games without Drew Brees, and they know nothing really about Taysom Hill, and whether or not this guy can be ‘The Guy.’ The indicators are that he’s NOT if you’re looking at the long-range forecast, which isn't looking good… Taysom Hill gets a ‘D’ on the Maller Report Card. While the Saints have won both their games, they could have started my uncle Mel and still would have won both those games. My grade is based on passing. People get upset that I point out this pandemic of running quarterbacks. You don’t typically run in the playoffs, and good teams in the postseason take that away. I judge these quarterbacks on their ability to throw the ball. Taysom Hill was not able to make progressions, he had tunnel vision on one receiver, and at one point he even struggled to run a simple screen play. I have yet to see Taysom Hill show the skillset to take out his machete and carve up someone with his arm… My advice is that you toss Jameis Winston out there and see what he can do. Week 15 is Saints vs. Chiefs. You’re not winning that game with Taysom Hill. You might not win that game with Jameis Winston, but at least you’ve got a puncher’s chance… If Winston stinks you can always go back to your little ‘gadget guy’ Taysom Hill.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s giving Taysom Hill’s first two starts as an NFL starting quarterback a ‘D’ letter grade on his 'Maller Report Card', as Maller says he’s not been remotely impressed with Hill’s ability to throw the football.

Hill is coming off a game vs. the Broncos in which he only completed 9 passes for 78 yards, with zero touchdowns and an interception.

Check out the video above as Maller details why he doesn’t think Hill’s dynamic running ability as a power back is going to translate to the postseason, and why he thinks the Saints should let Jameis Winston get the next two starts before their Week 15 showdown vs. a Chiefs team that Maller says Hill has no chance of out-scoring.

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