Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 13 (Dec. 6)

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 13 (Dec. 6)

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 13 (Dec. 6)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 13 (December 6th)


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Browns at Titans (SPREAD: TEN -5.5)

“I’m going to take Cleveland +5.5 here. I like Tennessee, but we’re going crazy because they smoked the Colts, so I sold a little bit of my Titans stock but I still like them. Here’s why I like Cleveland +5.5. The Browns offense is the number one rushing offense in the league, and Nick Chubb has had over 100 yards in five straight games – it’s ROLLING. The Tennessee defense will make Baker Mayfield comfortable. They’re the worst third down defense in the league and have the 29th most sacks. Translation? They’ll move the chains on third down, Baker will have time to throw, and oh by the way – the Browns are 8-0 this year when Baker just has a passer rating over ‘70’. NOT 90, just 70. This is a good matchup for Cleveland. I don’t think they’ll win, but I think it’s close, and I like to lay the points here. I’m going to take Cleveland +5.5. I think the Titans will probably win late, I wouldn’t be shocked if there is an upset, but Cleveland’s the play here. Titans 28, Browns 26.”

Colin's pick: Cleveland +5.5

Rams at Cardinals (SPREAD: LAR -3)

“Everyone is freaking out because the Rams lost to the Niners, but they’re 0-4 the last 4 games with San Fran – IT’S A BAD MATCHUP FOR THE RAMS. The last time they lost to the Niners everybody sold their stock, and the Rams went on the next month to play some of their best football in two years. I’m going to take the Rams -3 against the Cardinals. This is a bad matchup for Arizona. The Rams defense is outstanding. They’re top 5 in EVERYTHING, and the Rams are 6-0 against the Cardinals in the Sean McVay era; he’s got their number. This is a weird division; some teams have other teams' number. The Niners have the Rams number, and the Rams have Arizona’s number. By the way, Kyler Murray has played Sean McVay and this defense twice and he has struggled. DeAndre Hopkins – Jalen Ramsey is the magic elixir. You can put that big corner on him, and that’s why the Rams matchup pretty well with Seattle with DK Metcalf, and with Arizona with Hopkins. Also, Arizona is a rebuilding team, and is the most penalized team in the league. Kyler Murray is hurt and they’re not running the ball with Kyler Murray – this is less of an offense. I like the Rams 33-27. I like the way their roster matches up with Arizona.”

Colin's pick: Los Angeles -3

Patriots at Chargers (SPREAD: NE -1)

“I’m going to take New England -1, to go on the road and beat the Chargers. Bill Belichick is 20-5 against rookie quarterbacks, and 7-0 in the last 5 years. No matter how good they are, you take Belichick against rookie quarterbacks. Only one quarterback has thrown over 300 yards all year against the Patriots defense – Deshaun Watson. The Chargers defense without Derwin James is giving you almost 28 a game. New England is limited, but they’re a fumble away from going to overtime with Buffalo, and they beat Arizona. This has been a very interesting team two out of the last three weeks. I’m going to take Belichick against a rookie quarterback. I think it’s a coaching mismatch – Anthony Lynn and Belichick, and I look at New England and think Damien Harris can run the football, and the Chargers aren’t great against the run, which will keep it away from Justin Herbert. I’ll take the Patriots 24-20.”

Colin's pick: New England -1

Eagles at Packers (SPREAD: GB -8.5)

“I know this is kind of gross but I’m going to take Philadelphia +8.5 here. I know, say what you want, but I’m going to give you a number here. The Eagles have been ahead, or within one possession in the fourth quarter in EVERY game this year. They gave Pittsburgh everything, they gave Baltimore everything, and they came back and covered against Seattle. I’m not talking about winning games, I’m talking about COVERING the spread. I’ll take Philadelphia +8.5. They’re 7-3 against the spread in their last 10 games as a DOG of 6+ points, meaning when they’re a big underdog they play inspiring football. They often LOSE, but their defense has 36 sacks, and only the Steelers have more. What do we know about the Packers? They don’t like to be UNCOMFORTABLE. Philadelphia gets in your face, and Fletcher Cox and that defense puts pressure on your quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is not going to be sitting back in his convertible sports car comfortable and throwing it. It’s going to be an ugly game – that’s what Philadelphia does. I think the Packers win, but the Eagles easily cover the 8.5, 27-23, Packers.”
Colin's pick: Philadelphia +8.5

Bills at 49ers (SPREAD: BUF -1.5)

“I’m going to take the 49ers. The number has moved some, and I’m taking the 49ers side. I’ll say Niners +1.5 here. The Bills rushing defense is not great, and the Niners are getting healthier. Raheem Mostert, Deebo Samuel, and Richard Sherman returned last week, and Brandon Aiyuk returns this week. You can run the football on Buffalo. Buffalo also is traveling all the way West again. We worried about the Niners with Jimmy Garoppolo out, but did you know with Garoppolo they were throwing for 230 yards a game, but with Nick Mullens they’re throwing for 270 yards a game. They’ve got all their skill people here. The season is on the line in their division for San Francisco – if they don’t win the season is over. Buffalo is a playoff team, they got comfort, and room here, but the Niners season is on the line. I’m calling for the UPSET, Niners win 26-23.”
Colin's pick: San Francisco +1.5

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