Clay Travis Rips Jemele Hill For 'Racist' Joke During Jake Paul Interview

Clay Travis: “Here’s the problem with Jemele trying to make a joke like that. When you have been claiming for years that everything is racist you have become 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ You can’t then try to pivot and make a joke about racism being alleged and expect people to take you seriously. You have alleged so many non-racially motivated things are 'racist', much like Al Sharpton... You can’t make that joke because you have been hitting the ‘EVERYTHING IS RACIST’ button for years now, so when you say something like a ‘White boxer knocking out a Black boxer is racist’, even if you’re intending for it to be a joke, people consider YOU to be such a joke with your racial politics that they aren’t even able to pick up on the humor… I’m not surprised this clip has gone viral and that many people are treating it seriously, because Jemele Hill has been screaming ‘EVERYTHING IS RACIST’ from the top of her lungs for years now, and you can’t expect people to suddenly get a joke.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the viral story regarding Jemele Hill and Cari Champion’s interview of celebrity boxer Jake Paul earlier this week on Vice TV, which had the two asking Paul if he thought it was ‘racist’ that he ‘knocked out a Black man.’ (Video Below)

Paul, of course, had knocked former NBA player Nate Robinson out cold the previous weekend in a made-for-tv exhibition event.

Hill and Champion said the question was meant in jest, and they didn’t appear completely serious when asking Paul the question, but the YouTuber didn’t answer the question humorously, responding that it was a ‘stupid question.’

The short interview clip quickly went viral, as a large portion of viewers actually thought it was a completely serious question from Hill and Champion, especially if they hadn't watched the actual video clip.

Check out the video above as Clay details why it would simply be ‘on-brand’ for the polarizing political and social commentator, Hill, to ask Paul such a ridiculous and racially charged, nonsensical question, that it was only natural for people to read the headline and automatically assume Hill was dead serious.

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