Doug Gottlieb: It's Time to Admit that Cam Newton is Really Washed Up

Doug Gottlieb: “Cam Newton can’t throw a football… You watch that team last night and you’re like ‘omg, how did they win a game??’ They didn’t win ‘A’ game, they won 6! Six games with that mess! My takeaway is that Cam Newton is WASHED and it’s a miracle that they’ve won this many football games… I talked to three teams the last offseason who everybody thought were in the market for a quarterback, and they all said the same thing of ‘I have no interest in Cam.' It has nothing to do with the hats, or the persona, or anything. He had shoulder surgery, it wasn’t right, he had it cleaned up, and it still wasn’t right. I don’t care what you show on YouTube or Instagram videos in the offseason. He got his ‘body’ in shape, and no one ever questioned his body, or even his brain, but he CAN’T THROW A FOOTBALL ACCURATELY. He was never accurate, and now he has some sort of shoulder issue where his throwing motion isn’t right. You compound that with the fact he’s never had great fundamentals, and that’s seemed to have slipped too. I don’t know how you make Cam Newton a starter EVER. His best option if he wants to stay in the NFL is to be a backup to a guy like Lamar Jackson, where he can give you some advice, he’s totally respected in the league for what he’s been able to accomplish, but he can’t be a starting quarterback in the National Football League if you hope to win. He’s got great value in television more so than on a football field.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks it’s time we admit that Cam Newton is WASHED, and a guy who should never warrant a starting quarterback job in the NFL ever again.

Check out the video above as Doug details why Cam has a lot more value in the broadcast booth than on a football field.

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