Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright Agree to Shocking Bet Honoring 'Bills Mafia'

Nick Wright: “I’m going to test your meddle on how much you believe in the ‘best team in football’, the Buffalo Bills. I’d like to make a wager with you, Colin. Let’s set the Bills playoff victory over/under at one, meaning if they win zero playoff games I win, and if they win two or more you win – one is a push… The loser has to do THIS in homage to the Bills Mafia. On TV, if the Bills make the conference championship or further I will do that, and if they go one-and-done in the playoffs, YOU will do that, preferably with Joy with the mustard and ketchup in hand, but you can negotiate that on your own. You can wear the goggles that they wear in championship celebrations. THAT’S the wager, are you in??”
Colin Cowherd: “Am I willing to go here??”
Joy Taylor: “No, Nick, I think you missed the bar on the audience. That is not a Colin Cowherd thing!”
Colin: “So if they win ONE playoff game it’s just a push. You’re saying they’re going to win NONE, and then YOU have to do that??”
Nick: “Correct.”
Colin: “Okay. I’ll do the bet!”

Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright agreed to quite a bet during Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Herd’, with both agreeing to put on a stunt made popular by the ‘Bills Mafia’, depending on how deep the Buffalo goes in the playoffs.

Colin ranked the Bills number one in his Week 14 'Herd Hierarchy' rankings, ahead of Nick's beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

The loser of the bet gets doused with mustard and ketchup on Live TV, a popular tailgating ritual by some of the most infamous members of the Bills Mafia.

If the Bills get knocked out in the first round, Nick wins the bets, if the Bills win one game and then get knocked out in the next round it’s a PUSH, and if Buffalo reaches the conference championship then Colin wins.

Check out the segment above as we could have a special made-for-TV moment in the works next month!

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