'Jelly Belly' James Harden is Trying to Eat His Way Out of Houston

Ben Maller: “Our lead story comes from the heavyweight division, and we’re not talking about boxing, we’re talking about a rotund NBA player who got caught with a ‘jelly belly’… Someone took a photo of James Harden on their TV during the Rockets’ exhibition game and he was the size of a Clydesdale. ‘The Beard’ has not been skipping any meals based on this photographic evidence. Harden showed up on the court noticeably larger than he looked during the Bubble run in Florida… James Harden was not the victim of some kind of Photoshop blooper, he appeared THICKER. How concerned should the ‘Rockettes’ be with James Harden and his rather chubby appearance? He is not looking like the chiseled ‘God of Hoops’, and maybe he is actually chiseled, but if he’s chiseled he’s chiseled out of Crispy Crème doughnuts As a recovering fat man myself I can appreciate a dozen glazed doughnuts with the best of them. So what the hell is going on here?? My diagnosis is that he’s self-medicating by treating the stress of not getting what he wants, and getting some old fashioned emotional healing by eating… Who knew the food at the strip clubs was still up to standards... He's literally trying to eat his way out of Houston” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller discuss the viral picture of James Harden that is floating around Twitter that shows a bulbous Harden warming up before Houston’s exhibition game versus the Spurs on Monday night.

Check out the video above as Maller has a theory on why he thinks Harden is starting to tip the scale in H-Town.

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