Giants Head Coach Says Eagles 'Disrespected the Game' Pulling Jalen Hurts

Joe Judge: "To disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes, and not doing everything you can to help those players win -- we will never do that as long as I'm the head coach of the New York Giants."

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge had strong words concerning Week 17’s now-infamous Eagles vs. Washington Football game that ended the Giants season in the most absurd and unexpected fashion possible.

With New York desperately needing Philadelphia to win, the Eagles mysteriously pulled budding star quarterback Jalen Hurts out at the end of the third quarter in favor of unheralded nonentity Nate Sudfeld.

Sudfeld had three extremely unsightly drives, including two of those ending with ugly turnovers, and finished with a 3.2 QBR on 5 of 12 passing for 32 yards.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he was trying to win the game, and at the same time get to evaluate Sudfeld in the season’s final game, but it was hard to take that comment seriously when a guy who hadn’t played since 2018 came in and played some of the most pathetic football you’d ever seen.

The Eagles would end up losing the game 20-14 and eliminating the Giants from playoff contention.

There was outrage among many current and former players calling out the Eagles for literally ‘tanking’, including ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio who said NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell should conduct an investigation on what really went on during that final quarter at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Giants finished the season 6-10 but did win 5 of their last 8 games after starting 1-7, including a sweep over Washington, and an impressive road win in Seattle during Judge’s first season as head coach.

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