Clay Travis: Andrew Cuomo Shouldn't Be Allowed to Attend Bills Playoff Game

Clay Travis: “There is a very popular petition out to keep Andrew Cuomo from being allowed to attend the game. Bills fans are arguing ‘You shut down our ability to go to games all throughout the season’ and ‘Why should YOU get the opportunity to come to a game and take away a seat from somebody who is an ACTUAL fan?’ That’s a very valid question, and I do kind of wish Cuomo would show up on the field because I think he would get booed pretty wildly by the fans that would be in attendance there… Cuomo shouldn’t get the opportunity to go to the game… I don’t think he deserves a seat. Let’s take away the fact that he’s the governor. Only 6,700 people are getting in, and this is going to be a wildly sought after opportunity for Bills fans because they have not gotten to play a home playoff game since 1995, and now they are only letting in about 1 in 10 of the seats to be occupied. Some people will say he might be in a suite, but there still is a limit on how many people can get in. I don’t think he should be able to pull rank. I don’t blame the Bills fans, particularly because he’s one of the reasons why, and probably the biggest reason why there were no fans allowed at their games this year. So suddenly he wants to parachute in when the team goes 13-3, and show up like he’s a hero?? I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want him there, and I would sign this petition if I were a Bills fan.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss a recent Buffalo Bills fan petition that went viral this week when it was reported that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would be attending the Bills vs. Colts playoff game this Saturday in Orchard Park, NY.

Cuomo had struck down fan attendance at New York sporting events all season but is going to allow 6,700 fans to attend the first Bills playoff game since 1996.

Over 40,000 people signed a petition saying they didn’t want the governor at the event, saying the ticket should go to an actual Bills fan wanting to bask in their glory of a 13-3 season.

(UPDATE) As news of the story picked up, Cuomo came out on Wednesday and said he will no longer be going to the game, saying ‘I’m going to give my Bills ticket to a nurse from Erie County Medical Center as a way of saying thank you and honoring all health care heroes.’

Check out the segment above as Clay details why didn’t like the optics of the governor suddenly ‘parachuting’ in with the team on the precipice of a possible Super Bowl run, and acting like he was some sort of ‘hero’ for signing off on fans in attendance.

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