Dan Patrick on Jalen Hurts' Benching: 'Giants Need to Shut Up and Move On'

Dan Patrick: “Every year we have these moments where a team sits some players, somebody has to win, and I gotta rely on YOU to win. You know what I would do is: I would make sure that I didn’t have my fate in the hands of another team. That’s what I would do. And, the Giants, they had to wait. They had to wait and see if the Eagles were going to step up and play, and play the best players. And, you know what, it’s on THEM. They won six games this year. You’re not a good football team… How about you win eight or nine games and we don’t have this conversation??… But, this sanctimonious, ‘Oh my God, the shield, the integrity.’ Okay, I get it… Just shut up! Go into the off-season, get right…move on!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he thinks it’s time for Joe Judge and the New York Giants to ‘shut up and move on’, following the massive fallout surrounding the Eagles’ benching of Jalen Hurts in the fourth quarter in favor of anonymous Nate Sudfeld, who would end up losing the Eagles their game vs. Washington, and in-turn eliminating the Giants from the playoffs.

Check out the video above as Dan details why he thinks this extremely emotional and knee-jerk reaction from the Giants is disingenuous.

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