Rob Parker: Steph Curry's Legacy Will Take a Hit if Warriors Miss Playoffs

Rob Parker: “Steph has something to prove… They were getting blown out to start the season and it looked pretty ugly. There are teams with one ‘star’ and other supporting players who can still be okay if he’s ‘that guy.' Why can’t Steph lead a team to JUST make the playoffs? I’m not talking about a playoff ‘run’, just MAKING the playoffs. If we’re talking about them going to the lottery because they can’t win games, and they’re getting blown out every night, I think that will look bad on Steph. I’m not going to say we’re going to rewrite his history, but people are looking at this year to see what kind of year it’s going to be when Steph doesn’t have his big dogs, doesn’t have the support from other stars, and he has to be THAT guy… You’re talking about a team who was a juggernaut, going to the Finals for five straight years, and he’s supposed to be this ‘greatest shooter ever’ and one of these iconic players. If they have a bad year and get drubbed by 25 points most nights when it’s just ugly – and that’s what it started as this year – people wanna see how really ‘great’ he is without Durant and Klay.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Steph Curry’s legacy will take a hit if the Golden State Warriors miss the playoffs this season, and drift farther back into NBA Draft Lottery as the year progresses.

The Warriors are 4-3 on the season, including a 31-point rout of the Kings on Monday in which Steph scored a career-high 62 points, but in their three other losses to the Nets, Bucks, and Clippers, they were outscored by a combined 90 points.

Their next seven games will include the Clippers twice, Raptors, Pacers, Nuggets, Suns, and Lakers, in a stretch that could really show us what we're going to expect from Steph and the Warriors this season.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he believes the Curry critics will come out in troves if the Warriors go back to an uncompetitive brand of basketball, and Curry shows that he can’t single-handedly lead a ‘bad’ team to the playoffs – as even a 7 or 8 seed – like Russell Westbrook, and James Harden have done in recent years.

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