Why a Female Reporter Mocking Trevor Lawrence's Mustache is Reverse Sexism

Clay Travis: “Trevor Lawrence was asked a question and a female reporter, who to my knowledge still has not been identified, then said while her Zoom was still on and not muted that Trevor Lawrence looked ridiculous with his mustache, and that he needed to shave it off basically. Most people laughed, and to his credit, Trevor Lawrence laughed and didn’t turn it into any kind of issue, but what I wanted to discuss here is that it’s amazing to me how people selectively make decisions on who victims are, and who victims are not. If a female athlete had been doing an interview like this and a male reporter had been heard saying something similar about her physical appearance – her hair, her weight, God forbid he says she needed to shave HER mustache, he would be fired and he would never work again. A mob would immediately form, and there would be 1,000 ‘WOKE’ hit pieces written about what an awful human being he is. People get upset at me when I point out stories like these, but identity politics-laden people insist on treating not everyone the same. They have a pyramid of victimization. Everybody should handle a story like this like Trevor Lawrence, and everyone should treat it the same way, but they aren’t… If Trevor Lawrence was a female athlete, everybody would immediately demand that the male reporter who asked this question be fired. I don’t believe in ‘cancel culture’ and don’t want people fired over stupid things that they do, but the same people in the WOKE sports media who would lose their mind should be treating like situations in a like matter. I want you to file this one away because in our modern era where people make ZOOM errors all the time – hey what’s up Jeffrey Toobin – I hope that we would apply the same precedent going forward as was applied surrounding Trevor Lawrence.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss a recent story of a female college football reporter accidentally making a derisive comment towards Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s sprouting mustache while she didn’t realize her Zoom microphone was actually un-muted and clearly heard during Clemson's College Football Playoff postgame press conference -- a game that they were blown out by Ohio State in.

Lawrence laughed off the jab, with another voice in the press-conference warning the female reporter that her microphone was indeed on, but Clay wonders if the media would have had the same innocent reaction if a male reporter had mocked or criticized a female athlete’s appearance while not thinking his microphone was turned on.

Check out the video above as Clay details why he believes the ‘Woke’ media would have absolutely tried to eviscerate a male reporter calling out a female athlete, and would have tried to trigger a Twitter movement to get him fired, with Clay adding that this Lawrence story is a glaring double-standard, and reverse sexism.

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