Big Ten Pushing For Title Game Postponement Due to Ohio St. COVID Outbreak

Dan Patrick: “I asked my source ‘Is Ohio State planning on playing in the National Title Game this next Monday?’ My source said Ohio State is very close to the availability limit right now, especially at the defensive line position. Then my source said that the Big Ten is advocating for Ohio State to be able to postpone the National Title Game for a week… I did ask about Justin Fields and my source said that he’s ‘banged up, but will play'... The Big Ten will be advocating for moving this, it’s not Ohio State from what I’m told, it’s the Big Ten saying we need to have a legitimate National Title Game. Ohio State and Alabama haven’t been transparent with their numbers, and apparently, they don’t have to be. They’re also governed by different medical rules in their conferences. The SEC and Big Ten approached this differently. It’s been hard to find out exactly how hard hit they are with COVID, but it sounds like they’re inching closer to the number of players they need to have available for this National Title Game… Ohio State is planning on playing, but the Big Ten is advocating for Ohio State, who is close to the availability limit, to be able to postpone this game for a week.” (Full Segment Above)

Dan Patrick said on Thursday morning that his source close to the Big Ten is reporting that the Big Ten Conference is advocating to have the National Championship Game between Ohio State and Alabama postponed a week because of a COVID-19 outbreak within the Buckeyes program.

Ohio State could be without their entire defensive line if Monday’s game goes on as scheduled on January, 11th, and it’s the Big Ten conference, NOT Ohio State, who is trying to get the game pushed back a full week to Monday, January 18th, citing the need to make the game ‘legitimate’.

The Buckeyes are reportedly nearing their limit of healthy players being available for the game.

College football does have a contingency plan in place in the case of a COVID outbreak during the College Football Playoff, as January 18th had already been the date posted for a rescheduled title game should one or both teams be without large amounts of players because of COVID-19.

Nick Saban’s daughter made news this week when she tweeted that Ohio State is attempting to get the game postponed because they’re trying to get Justin Fields another week to recover from the rib injury he suffered in the College Football Semifinals when Clemson linebacker James Skalski speared him in the back with the crown of his helmet. Skalski was ejected for targeting on the play.

Kristin Saban would later delete the tweet and apologize.

Check out the full audio above.

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