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Doug Gottlieb: Deshaun Watson Was 'Childish and Immature' For Trade Request

Doug Gottlieb: Deshaun Watson was 'Childish and Immature' For Trade Request
Doug Gottlieb: “You can tell me you don’t think that the Texans got the right weapons or payment in return for DeAndre Hopkins, that’s fair, but my counter to that is – how the hell did Deshuan Watson lead the league in passing yards if he doesn’t have anyone to throw to?? You might not like everything Bill O’Brien did but if you actually take a look, every single thing that he did was for Deshaun Watson to be successful. He drafted Tytus Howard in the first round – the best guard in the Draft. He traded for the best young tackle in the league – Laremy Tunsil, and locked him up long-term… Watson holds the ball a little too long and you’ve got to get him a good offensive line, and you gotta give him guys that can go make plays. They did EVERYTHING to build this thing around him. Kind of like with James Harden, it takes some balls to go ‘Hey, if I don’t get my way, and get the coach that I want, Ithen I’m OUT’, even though everything that’s been done to this organization has been done to allow you to personally be successful. Does anybody else see the problem with that? They paid you more money than anyone not named Patrick Mahomes... No one said he’s not worth the money, but with that money comes the ‘hey man, you gotta hang with us here’… If Deshaun Watson wants Eric Bieniemy, you’re allowed to want what you want, but the idea that ‘I HAVE TO GET MY WAY!’ is exactly what you think it is. It is immature, it is childish, and it is the opposite of the leadership that we're told Deshaun Watson brings to the table. Even if you want to be traded, you know what you DON'T do? You don’t leak it to the press… Hey dude, when we sign you to this deal it makes you almost untradeable, and even if we swallow the poison pill of the dead cap money, it’s going to chew up the cap and chew up the resources of whoever we trade you to. You signed that deal for more money than anyone outside of Patrick Mahomes, which solidifies you as our quarterback of the next decade. If you don’t like, FIX IT, don’t run to your friends and leak to the media that you want to be traded if you don’t get your way.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the swirling trade rumors around Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is reportedly been exploring the possibilities of asking for a trade from the disgruntled franchise who just lost 12 games and fired their head coach Bill O'Brien during the season.

Watson has reportedly been frustrated with the team’s hiring process and believes he should have some input with who the team hires in regards to general manager and head coach.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Watson’s sudden trade requests after just signing the second-biggest deal in NFL history, coupled with his ‘I HAVE TO GET MY WAY’ attitude when it comes to personnel signings, is painting Watson out to be ‘childish’ and ‘immature’, despite him having the reputation of supposedly being a great leader.

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