Ranking the Six NFL Head Coaching Vacancies From Best to Worst

Listen to Clay Travis rank the six NFL head coaching vacancies from best to worst, as the Jets, Chargers, Jaguars, Falcons, Lions, and Texans will all be looking for head coaches this offseason.

6. Atlanta Falcons

“Aging Matt Ryan, you are $25 million over the cap, you have a lot of talent built around Matt Ryan, but it may not make sense in the long-range for him to be your quarterback of the future.”

5. Detroit Lions

“I think Matthew Stafford is done. That means you’re effectively starting all over again, and the Lions are historically the worst franchise in the NFL. They can’t win, they’re broken, poor culture, failed leadership, and it doesn’t work for the Lions no matter who the quarterback is. I don’t think they could have gotten much more production than they got out of Stafford and it still didn’t work for them. In fact, I think they’re going to move on from Matthew Stafford and you'll be stunned by the number of teams who make a run at Stafford."

4. New York Jets

“They have $73 million in cap space, two first-rounders, a second-rounder, and two third-rounders. You got five players inside the top 100, and you have the number two overall pick, so you can make the decision on whether you still believe in Sam Darnold. Or do you want to package Sam Darnold, ship him away, and grab Justin Fields or Zach Wilson? Or do I want to trade back, keep Darnold, and get a lot of assets?”

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