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Colin Cowherd Congratulates 'Backwards Hat Guy' Baker Mayfield After Win

Colin Cowherd: “I do not like backwards hat quarterbacks and one guy in particular is now taunting me. [Rolls Video of Baker Mayfield turning his hat around backwards] He’s playing with me! I’m okay! You won this weekend, Baker. I still despise backwards hat quarterbacks, but you deserve the credit. You played great, congratulations.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd congratulate Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns for their shocking 48-37 playoff victory over the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, as Colin responds to Mayfield’s obvious jab towards Colin after his infamous ‘backwards hat guy’ segment from Friday’s show.

Mayfield began his postgame press conference by pausing for a brief moment and turning his head around backwards in a comical and sneaky troll job of Cowherd.

Here was Colin’s take on Friday about how Mayfield’s wearing his hat backwards was just another reason why he was taking the Steelers to win in a blowout.

Colin Cowherd on Friday’s episode of The Herd: “What I’m about to say will be viewed as a little thing, and I of course do not see it as a little thing… Baker is wearing his hat backwards… Interesting, what happened to Carson Wentz’s season when he went to the podium with his hat on backwards?? YOU’RE BAD, SEASON UNRAVELS. We looked back at Aaron Rodgers this morning; 22 times we have footage of him at a podium or on TV this year with a beanie on, or the hat on forward. ‘Backwards hat guy’ does it and never gets it. It’s not ‘quarterback-ial.’ The quarterbacks I like this weekend are Big Ben – hat forward. Brees – always hat forward. Lamar Jackson doesn’t wear a hat, we couldn’t find a picture. Brady last 15 years – hat forward. Goff – hat forward, and Josh Allen – hat forward. [While looking at a picture of Baker Mayfield with his hat backwards] LOOK AT THIS, IT JUST SAYS ‘PLAYOFF LOSS’ doesn’t it?? Doesn’t that just say ‘down 12, sack, fumble, minute and a half to play?’ It doesn’t say ‘playoff winner to me’, it says things are unraveling in Pittsburgh this weekend… The last quarterback to wear a hat backwards at the weekly podium, ONE did it this year – Carson Wentz. And what happened to his season?? You guys say it doesn’t matter. It is ‘hat on backwards karma. It is BAD, and another reason I like the Steelers this weekend.”

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