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Doug Gottlieb: Jalen Hurts Should Be Cut For Sideline Antics After Benching

Doug Gottlieb: “I’m going to tell you right now that I would CUT Jalen Hurts… He’s not wrong for ‘thinking’ it, but he’s wrong for SAYING it. Maybe you give him a pass because he’s a rookie but I would not. This is not Jalen Hurts’ first rodeo with the quarterback circus. Jalen Hurts was twice caught on video, once saying it was ‘BS’ that he was taken out of the game, and once saying ‘it’s just not right.’ Hey bro, the eye in the sky don’t lie, and what does that do? It undermines your head coach, and when you’re a rookie second-round pick, like what are you doing?? You weren’t even playing well!... Yes, I meant what I said. I would cut Jalen Hurts. I didn’t read any lip-reading from Carson Wentz, but he got pulled and wasn’t even active on Sunday – did anybody catch him on video saying ‘this is BS, this isn’t right’? So it’s okay for Carson to get benched, but not YOU to get benched??” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles should cut Jalen Hurts for his sideline antics at the end of Philadelphia's Week 17 loss vs. Washington when you could see Hurts visibly frustrated with being taken out in favor of anonymous third-stringer Nate Sudfeld late in the third quarter, and clearly read Hurts' lips muttering ‘This is BS’ and ‘This ain’t right' while sitting on the bench.

Check out the video above as Doug details why the terrible optics of Hurts' dismay to being benched were the final death blow to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, and why he thinks Hurts should also be canned for what we all saw on the Eagles sideline on Monday Night Football.

Sideline footage of Hurts from Monday Night Football at bottom of the page.

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