Clay Travis Responds to Dan Le Batard Blasting Him For Interviewing Trump

Dan Le Batard: “I’ve got something for that sh*t stain Clay Travis who wants to sit it out now when he was having Trump on his infomercial podcast 'Dixie Vodka Cheap sh*t', and getting Trump to foment this base.”

Clay Travis: “I think it’s crazy in general that you would consider it a point of condemnation that I had the President of the United States on my radio show – twice by the way. I said it back when we had the President on that I will ALWAYS put on the President of the United States if somebody reaches out and says ‘the President of the United States would be interested in doing your show.’ It’s a no-brainer. If Joe Biden’s people at some point over the course of his presidency said ‘Joe wants to reach a huge audience of sports fans, are you interested in having him on?’ the answer would be ‘Yes.’ I would say ‘YES’ to every President of my life… This to me is emblematic of a larger story in my industry, which is whether or not you agree with what I say on this show, the reason why we have the audience that we do is because I sit down and tell you exactly what I think for three hours every single day. I don’t tell you what I think YOU want to hear, I tell you exactly what ‘I’ think. Sometimes you’ll be like ‘Clay, you’re full of it’ and sometimes you’re like ‘he’s making a pretty good point.’ We have become, not even just in sports media but in media in general, one of the most honest radio shows you can find anywhere. What Le Batard represents is he is out there throwing insults at me because I don’t bow down and kiss the ring of the ascendant far-left wing sports media. I don’t think Donald Trump voters are awful human beings, and I don’t think that athletes making millions of dollars a year are victims. I don’t think that your average fan is an awful human being because he decides that he would go watch a game as opposed to being lectured to about politics… What guys like Le Batard represent is ‘OH, CLAY TRAVIS, HE HAS OPINIONS THAT AREN’T SHARED BY EVERYONE ELSE IN SPORTS MEDIA! HE DOESN’T THINK IT’S BRAVE WHEN AN ATHLETE SAYS HE’S NOT GOING TO VISIT THE WHITE HOUSE!’ No, I think it’s kind of cowardly because I would always visit the White House… What drives these guys crazy is deep down, I think these guys know that I’m right. ‘Cancel Culture’ doesn’t really fit with creativity… I take this as a point of pride and I laugh at it, and I enjoy when other media outlets are talking about us at Outkick because it’s evidence of how big our audience has gotten… When I see people taking shots at me and cursing at me because they’re so bothered by what my opinions are, I just think it’s kind of funny. You are so concerned about what I say on MY show, that you feel compelled to attack me on YOUR show? That’s a WIN for me… He’s welcome to come on the show, I don’t run from people. I’ll even do a ‘home-and-home', he can come on my show, and I’ll go on his podcast and answer anything, I ain’t scared, and I’m not afraid of sharing my opinions with anybody.” (Full segment above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss his ongoing beef with former ESPN talent Dan Le Batard, who called out Clay on his Sirius XM podcast for having President Donald Trump on his Outkick the Coverage show multiple times the past year, and calling Clay a ‘sh*t stain’ for giving the President a platform.

The President has obviously been a major topic of conversation since last week's incident at the Capitol, with some in the media being critical of individuals who treated the President sympathetically during his four years in office.

Clay says he’ll always give ANY sitting President, no matter who their political party is, a chance to come on his show and speak directly to a large sports audience. He said that he’s not going to run away and back down from having different opinions than the ‘far-left sports media’, and will tell you what ‘HE’ thinks, and not what just YOU want him to say. He added that he's not going to pull a La Batard and 'kiss the ring' of the far-left.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he’s happy that Dan has been keeping such close attention of Outkick the Coverage, and says he’d be glad to discuss it on his or Le Batard’s show any time Dan pleases.

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