Colin Cowherd Calls Out Chase Claypool for Trash Talking Browns After Loss

Colin Cowherd: “I understand when you’re young, you have money, you’re talented, and you’re good looking you get a little cocky, but after you lose a game and get humiliated you should be… marginally humble? I saw Chase Claypool, a great receiver for the Steelers, take to TikTok Live on Monday following his team’s drubbing to Cleveland. He said ‘Bad loss, but the Browns are gonna get clapped next week anyway, so it’s all good’… Pittsburgh is starting to wear me out. All the TikTok stars, trash-talking after you get humiliated… Listen, Le’Veon Bell left and you’re STILL noisy. Antonio Brown left and you’re STILL noisy. Some of this is Big Ben, but maybe some of this is the culture created by Mike Tomlin. All the guys that were reportedly ‘the problem’ have left, and you still have the best TikTok assemble in the NFL. There’s a lot of brands in the NFL right now where the brand is way better than the quality of football. The Cowboys, the Steelers, the Bears, the Eagles… The BRAND is bigger than reality. Things are not going to change until you remove the people who appear to be accepting this behavior. This is now just an underachieving and noisy franchise that lacks maturity, and blames the last guy they kicked out of the town… Cleveland ROLLED you. Just stop talking. If you won, say what you want, but Cleveland rolled you in your place. Cleveland owned you, deserved it, and frankly has a shot against Kansas City.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Steelers’ wide receiver Chase Claypool’s recent TikTok Live video [video at bottom of page] that took a shot at the same Cleveland Browns team who just delivered the Steelers one of their most humiliating postseason losses in franchise history a day before.

Claypool said on his Live feed about the game:

‘Bad loss, but the Browns are gonna get clapped next week anyway, so it’s all good.’

Listen to Colin detail why the Steelers are quickly becoming one of the most underachieving, immature, and noisy franchises in the league, and one that can’t even scapegoat Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell anymore.

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