Colin Cowherd Ranks the Eight Teams Remaining in the NFL Playoffs

Colin Cowherd Ranks the Eight Teams Remaining in the NFL Playoffs

Colin Cowherd Ranks the Eight Teams Remaining in the NFL Playoffs

Colin Cowherd Ranks the Eight Remaining Teams Left in the NFL Playoffs

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8. Los Angeles Rams

“They have the best defense in my opinion. Seven straight games with multiple sacks and they’ve held opponents under 15 points the last five weeks. The problem is that they’re the weakest team at the most important position, quarterback. Jared Goff has a broken thumb, he has swelling, and the reality is that over the last six games Goff has five touchdowns and five picks. They’re not dynamic at all. Now I do LOVE Cam Akers, and I think if you can run the football against Green Bay you can make it competitive, but they’re a little slicker version of the Bears, and feel incredibly lob-sided. They have an offensive coach, a great defense, but you’re kind of a liability at quarterback.”

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“They only have one win against a team with a winning record this year, and that was the Packers in Week 6. They have beaten up on some bad teams. I do think Brady is playing well, and the emergence of Antonio Brown is something. Brady’s experience at this stage is good, and there’s almost a break – if you can call it that – getting to face a team who has routed you twice. It’s a little bit of a break getting to face the Saints again, instead of going up against a team you crushed, and AT Lambeau, which I wouldn’t like at all. Brady has 200+ passing yards in the first half of three straight games, so he is COOKING and that is good news for them.”

6. Cleveland Browns

“I have Cleveland at six because they’re the least experienced team left. They’re getting ‘smarter.’ They’re 11-0 this year when they win or tie the turnover battle. Their turnovers are being diminished, and they have the best offensive line remaining in the playoffs. Since Week 8 Baker has 14 TDs and a pick. I think they’re well-coached, I think they’re smart, but I do think this weekend feels a little bit like the end of the road. They felt like a playoff team, maybe a playoff win, they got it, but they just don’t have a ton of experience, and they’re facing the world champions next.”

5. Baltimore Ravens

“They’ve beaten Cleveland a couple of times. They outrushed the Titans 240 yards to 50, and that’s just hard to do. Lamar Jackson has always been dynamic, but last week I thought he played with a self-awareness on Sunday. It wasn’t about him trailing, it was about him leading. Ball security, he made really good decisions, and their defense held Derrick Henry to a season-low 40 rushing yards. They’ve got a lot of components for a Super Bowl team. They’re dynamic at quarterback, they can own time of possession, they have a Super Bowl-winning coach, and they play real defense and usually have a pass rush.”

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