Justin Fields' National Championship Dud Cost Him Being a Top Four Pick

Justin Fields' National Championship Dud Cost Him Being a Top Four Pick
Jason Smith: “Justin Fields didn’t have a ‘horrible’ game and obviously he’s injured, but quarterbacks rise and fall as the offseason goes on, and it’s hard to tell what’s going to make a quarterback rise and what’s going to make a quarterback drop without games in the next three months. But you wanna feel good about your pick and Justin Fields is going to be a hard quarterback to feel good about... Over the course of a season we’ve seen things that have made him a really good quarterback, but by and large we’ve seen a lot of games where you go ‘ehhh, he’s just OK.’ I mean really, the cherry on top of the sundae season was last week’s 385 yards and six touchdowns against Clemson, but tonight was not against an Alabama defense that was awesome. This is an Alabama defense that gives up 30+ points a game and you struggled in this game. You struggled against Northwestern, you struggled against Michigan State, and you struggled against Indiana. You started out really good and in your first three games you were great, but you’re talking about half your season where you had games with people walking away and saying ‘yeah, I don’t know.’ It’s going to be hard for him to rise in the Draft, and in the NFL you talk yourself into or out of quarterbacks all the time. Justin Fields is going to fall from that number two and Zach Wilson is going to wind up going number two to the Jets. He’s gonna be the guy because he’s the guy who rose all year. He had a great bowl game, and he showed everything that you want. The last thing you’re going to see of Zach Wilson was that quick twitch arm throw and being able to put balls in very short windows. It was ‘boy, this kid is really, really good.’ Justin Fields is going to drop. Is it going to be so far that he drops to 14? No, he might be a guy you can get around five, but if you’re talking about second overall and the Jets are there for a quarterback it’s going to wind up being Zach Wilson.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields’ airball in Monday night’s National Championship Game will ultimately cost him being the second quarterback taken in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft, as Jason doesn’t believe Fields will have enough momentum to outlast the hype of BYU QB Zach Wilson until late-April's Draft.

Fields was only 17 of 33 for 194 yards and one touchdown against a porous Alabama defense who let Florida quarterback Kyle Trask light them up for 408 yards and three touchdowns in the SEC Championship Game.

Check out the audio above as Jason details how the draft stocks of these elite prospects experience such massive rises and falls, and why he believes the Jets will pass on taking Fields because of Monday's dud vs. the Crimson Tide.

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