Rob Parker: Steelers Were the NFL's Biggest Frauds All Season

Rob Parker: “Is this mic on?? The Steelers ARE FRAUDS, and WERE FRAUDS all freakin’ year. They were TERRIBLE, and we’re never ‘competing’ even when they were 11-0. Did you ever think they had a chance of going to the Super Bowl out of the AFC?? NEVER. What team is 11-0 to start the year and they’re not even included in the Super Bowl conversation? Big Ben? I’d rather have UNCLE BEN, enough already! I NEVER bought into the Steelers!” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he wants NFL America to admit that he was spot on about his December 2nd ‘The Steelers are the worst 11-0 team off all time’ rant that at the time seemed like a hot take.

Here was Rob’s original take when the Steelers were still sitting at 11-0:

“STOP IT! THEY ARE THE WORST 11-0 TEAM I’VE EVER SEEN IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! Their Steelers nickname is right because they’re STEALING and acting like they’re some juggernaut. They’re NOT, and the performance they put on today was SHAMEFUL… I saw their piss poor win against the Dallas Cowboys, I saw another game against the Ravens where the Ravens turned the ball over 4 times so Pittsburgh could win by 4, and you can go up and down the schedule. I get it, you have to play who is in front of you on the schedule, but they should have demolished the Ravens, who were ravaged by COVID. THAT’S the stinker you turned in?? THAT’S your afternoon delight?? Today was AWFUL, and the Pittsburgh Steelers should be ashamed of themselves. They’re the worst 11-0 team in NFL history, and if they think they’re going to challenge the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC or win a Super Bowl with this team, you can FORGET about it. Just like they have in years gone by under Mike Tomlin, they’ll go play a real AFC team and get their clocks cleaned, because they’re not winning anything. Today was an EMBARRASSMENT. Can I give you their schedule? They beat the Giants – under. 500. They beat Denver – under .500. They beat the Texans – under. 500. They beat the Eagles – under .500. They beat Dallas – under. 500. They beat Cincinnati – under. 500. They beat Jacksonville – under .500. They’ve only beaten TWO teams with a winning record!”

Check out the audio above as Rob demands you pay him his respects in hitting the bullseye on his proclamation that the undefeated Steelers were actually complete ‘FRAUDS.’

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